Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gatsby 7-8

Why did gatsby always have parties before he saw daisy again but now that he's with her he doesn't have them? Maybe she would like the parties. How did he decide who to hire? Why wouldn't he have kept the ones that he always had why didn't he trust them? What will tom do now that he knows they are in love. Will he act mad. Will he care at all? Does he even still love her? Will wilson ever find out who his wife has been with? Why is tom being so rude? Why can't he just confront him straight up and get to the point? Will anything ever happen between gatsby and daisy? Did they kill her? Was it an accident? Was she trying to kill herself? Why does nick tell gatsby to leave? Does he want him to leave or does he just think that's what will be best for him? Has daisy told tom any of the things that gatsby is telling nick? Why does wilson think these are the eyes of god? That seems a little weird. Why would wilson kill gatsby before he knew it was him? What will happen to daisy when she finds out?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Color of water 18-23

How would his life be different if the Dawson's never sent him to Europe? Did all of his siblings chose to go to college to get away from the chaos of their life? What makes her love black people the way nobody else does? What made her see them so differently? Does she want to respect her mom, why is she still talking to her? Was he searching for stuff about his mom when he went to her home town? Why'd her dad want her to stay so bad? Why would he disown his own daughter just because she loves a black man. Does she regret leaving now that mameh is dead? It's cool to see how beneficial this was for James. he learned a lot of things that he didn't expect to learn

Sunday, April 2, 2017

gatsby 5-6

Why is Gatsby so obsessed with daisy? Why is he so nervous to see her? How can she be frightened but grateful? is she happy to see him or not. What is the significance of the green light now that he has daisy? will it show a different significance later in the book? how was it so easy for gatsby to become exactly what he wanted to be? or was it easy? what did he have to go through? Why is it sad looking through daisys eyes? Why cant daisy understand simple things? is this why gatsby throws such crazy partys and goes big with everything?  How have gatsby and daisy changed since theyve seen eachother?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

gatsby 2-3

What could be the symbolism behind the big eyes on the billboard? Will we find out later in the story? Why does everyone care so much about how they look and who they impress? is this something with the book, or is this just how things were in the 20's? Do none wealthy people freak out as much about this, because they dont have enough money to look this good. Why is gatsby seen as such an intimidating figure, but nobody really knows anything about him? is that why hes scary, cuz nobody knows about him? what does nick think about gatsby and his huge house living next to him?

Why was nick personally invited to the party? what does he think of this? Why do people not come to the partys for gatsby, they just come for the party, they dont care who hosts it. does gatsby realize this? Why is gatsby doing all of this stuff for these random strangers? I figured he would be very popular because of his wealth.  Why are so many people scared of gatsby but nick seems to trust him even after they just met?
It looks like a cow or bull and it looks like there is a bird between his legs. The different body parts are made up of different colors. This looks disturbing cuz its a very weird looking house and it looks like it is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing there. There is a weird horse coming from her hips. they both look very angry. There is a goldfish in the middle and a lot of blue stuff around which must be water. there are also a few other fish around the edges. Modern art seems very different and far from realistic. This seems like great gatsby has this because things are very weirdly discribed.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I notice the stripes, the color at the bottom corner, and the white next to the lips. The stripes are red and diagonal down the left corner. There is a lot of yellow and blue splotches in the bottom right. There is a white line under her eye that looks like I could be a tear. The thing that seems like it doesn't go together is the tear and the bright happy color at the bottom. What was so great about gatsby? I think he might have lived a good life and a happy life judging by the color in the bottem.

I think the yellow is signifying how much fun they have. And it shows how bright and happy things are when they go to New York

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Why does She think the church has gotten worse? What is she going to do to make it better? How can she make it better? Does she want to make it better? Did she give this speech to try and make people want to change? Why is he struggling so much? Is it because he is without his mom? How is his mixed race a problem in his life? What will he do to help identify himself? Why is James just realizing how much Ruth cares about her kids? This is cool to see how they all reunite and stay as a family even at the end of the book.